To learn about the commuter challenge, please read our FAQ below to help answer your questions.

If you still have questions, please call us at 406-449-2787 or send us an email

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How do I register my workplace?

If you are the first person from your workplace to sign up, you will not see your workplace on the list of registered teams, and you'll have to register it.  By default, you'll become the Team Captain (this can be changed later).  You will need some basic information about your workplace, including the estimated number of employees in the entire business or agency, not just in your department. 

As this event is free and can be done on personal time, you should not need official company permission to participate.  However, we do encourage you to get as many coworkers, including management involved as possible!

When you register your Team, be sure to also register as an organization.  This is how we track the statewide challenge.

What is a team vs an organization?

We track the local challenge through Teams, and the state challenge through Organizations. 


Each person is signed up under a Team. This is how we will track the local challenges.  If a workplace has more than one location in MT, the team captain will specify the town when registering.  For example, MT DPHHS's office in Helena will be the MT DPHHS - Helena team. Anone in the Helena office(s) will be part of the MT DPHHS- Helena team. Anone who is working the MT DPHHS office(s) in Bozeman, for example will be part of the MT DPHHS - Bozeman team.  (note: all DPHHS offices in helena should be one team, even if you are in different office locations in town).


Organizations will be used to track the statewide challenge.  When a captain registers their team (DPHHS Helena, DPHHS Bozeman) they will create an organization.  Your organization is your statewide business or agency.  For example, MT DPHHS.  All local DPHHS offices will be in he Montana DPHHS organization.  Only the team captain will have to create, or register, it's team in an organiation.  If DPHHS Helena is the first DPHHS office to register, they create the MT DPHHS organization.  When DPHHS Bozeman registers, the MT DPHHS organization will populate when the captain registers the team and they can simply join that organization.

State challenges can be viewed under the State Challenge page.

"My workplace has multiple offices in one town.  How do I register them all?"

If your workplace has multiple locations in one town, you should enter them all as one team. For example, MT FWP has various offices in Helena. All MT FWP offices in Helena will be on the FWP Helena team. 

If your office has multiple locations throughout the state, each location will be a seperate team (FWP Helena, FWP Bozeman, FWP Missoula). Each local FWP team will be on the MT FFWP organization, in order to track the state challenge.

"May I still be a Team Captain if my workplace has already been registered?"

If you were hoping to be the Captain at your workplace but someone is listed, you can ask them if you can take over or become a co-captain. If they agree, they will need to go to their "Manage your Team" page to make that change. If the person registered as your Team Captain is no longer at your workplace, contact us to make the change.

"How do employees without internet or computer access participate?"

For employees without computer access, Captains can create accounts for and log trips for those participants.




"How do I register for the Commute Challenge?"

All you need is an email address. If you do not have web access at work or during work hours, that is ok. You can log all of your trips weekly or even at the end of the month. However, if you wait until the end of the month to log your commutes, your team standing will not be accurate until then.

Do I have to pay to participate?

You can participate in the challenge for free.  When you choose your participation level, simply select "Ride my way" and enter $0.  Any donations made to Bike Walk Montana for this challenge go to covering the cost of maintaining this site and our other advocacy work. Thank you for your donations to keep this going!

Completing registration

You must complete the registration in order to be fully signed up, and receive a password. If you close out prior to finishing registration, we may need to delete your account and have you re-register. If you have problems, contact us.

If you choose a giving participating level and are not redirected to the site after payment, simply log back in after completing the transaction.

Choosing your team

If your workplace team is not autopopulating in the registration, please contact us.

"Account Inactive"?

If you try to log in and are told your account is inactive, one of two things might be wrong. First, if you received a confirmation email after registering, click the link contained in it and then complete registration. If you did not receive a confirmation email, check your junk mail box and if there is no email there from us, it may have been rejected by your Internet Service Provider. If you are still encountering problems, contact us and we will help you.

Your Username

Your Username is simply a unique "login" that identifies you to the database. It is not your email address and it is not your password.

If you participated and logged miles last year, your user name and password is still the same and you do not need to re-register.

Forgot your Username/Password?

Use the "I forgot my password" link at the upper right hand corner of the page. It will email you a link to change your password and will remind you of your Username.

Deleting a Team Member

If you are a Team Captain and need to delete a team member from your team roster, you can do so under the "Manage My Team" button. Please do so with care. If you delete a team member, all their information, including any logged trips will be deleted.

No internet access

For employees without computer access, Captains can create accounts for and log trips for those participants.

No email address

Participants can use a private, home email address if they do not have a work email address. For participants with no email address, you can contact us to discuss strategies for incorporating those participants.

Multiple workplaces

If you work at multiple workplaces, you can register for both teams and log trips for both teams. Simply use a different User Name for each workplace. You cannot log the same trip twice. Keep the two workplaces and associated commutes seperate.

Note, if you're using the same email address for both profiles, your email address will now be associated with multiple passwords. If you use the  "forgot my password" link, you will get emails to reset your password for both of your profiles.




Logging in

To log in, enter your username and password into the boxes in the upper right-hand corner of the home page. The first time you log in you will be routed to a page explaining your personal home page. When you are ready to continue, click "Go to my home page."

Logging a commute

To log a commute for today, click the "Quick Log" button to the left of your calendar. To log a commute for a day in the past, click that day.

Changing a non-workday to a workday

If you log a commute on a day you previously specified as a non-workday, we will assume that you worked that day. There is no need to change that day's status as a non-workday. Simply log a commute for that day.

Changing a workday to a non-workday

If you were sick, took a vacation day, or telecommuted and need to change the status of that day to a non-workday, just click on that day and un-check "I worked."

Changing your commute mileage

If you took the long way to work one day (or the short way, by combining your bike trip with the bus or driving), you can change your commute mileage for that day by clicking on that day and filling in your true mileage in the form.

To change your default commute mileage, log in and then click on "Edit your profile" in the light blue area of your home page. Enter your correct round-trip commute mileage in the form and hit "Save changes."

Forgot your User Name?

Use the "I forgot my password" link at the upper right hand corner of the page. It will email you a link to change your password and will remind you of your User Name.

Multiple participants, one computer

Multiple participants using the same computer and browser may find that they are automatically logged-in as one another when they load the website. The browser is saving their login information in a form called "cookies." To overcome this, the browser can be set to not allow cookies or the browser's cookies can be cleared on-demand. To find out how to manage cookies on your browser, use your browser's help menu.  You can also just log out, and then log back in with the correct user name.


If you telecommute to work some days (i.e. work from home), you can report that day as "Did not work," because you did not have a commute.




Forgot your password or User Name?

Use the "I forgot my password" link at the upper right hand corner of the page. It will email you a link to change your password and will remind you of your Personal ID.

Changing your default mileage

To change your default commute mileage, log in and then click on "Edit your profile" in the light blue area of your home page. Enter your correct round-trip commute mileage in the form and hit "Save changes."

Changing your name or email address

To change your name or your email address, log in and then click on "Edit your profile" in the light blue area of your home page. After updating your information in the form, hit "Save changes."

Changing your default work week

If you want to change your default work week, and you've already completed the regisration process for this year, send us an email and we'll help you.  Do understand that this will affect your calendar retroactively, so if most of the month has already passed,  you may want to manually update the remaining days that have changed on your trip log rather than making the change for the whole month.





Initiating a Challenge

You may challenge any commuter challenge participant. To initiate a challenge, log in, and then hit "Challenge another rider" at the bottom of your home page. Select the first letter of your target's last name, and then select your target's name from the drop-down list (sorted alphabetically by last name). You can include a note with the Challenge if you like. If you don't find their name, you can "Invite a friend to join."  This has to be done one at a time as it is not possible to send to multiple people at one time.

Accepting a Challenge

To accept a Challenge that someone has sent you, click the link (or copy and paste it into your browser) included in the email. The Challenge will now automatically appear in the red area of your home page once you log in.

Rejecting a Challenge

If you do not wish to accept a Challenge, simply ignore the Challenge email. The person who Challenged you does not have access to your email address through the website.

Deleting an existing Challenge

If you are engaged in a Challenge and no longer wish to be, email us to request that we delete it. Be sure to specify the names of both challengers.




Understanding your statistics

The statistics you see on your calendar page for yourself, your challengers, your teammates and all participants apply to that calendar month only. In other words, if it is the last day in June, they will reflect everyone's performance in the month of June, even if most people only signed up at the very end of the month. They will reset, therefore, on the first day of July and every month thereafter. Your total statistics will continue to be added to.

Team Commute Rate is 0%?

If you are a Captain and you see your Team Commute Rate is displaying 0%, that is likely because you have not told us how many employees are at your workplace. Go to "Manage my team" and fill in your workplace data.

How we calculate CO2 emissions saved

As you might imagine, this figure would vary depending on a number of factors, but on average, according to the EPA and the Energy Information Adminstration,

Pounds of avoided CO2 emissions = X miles * 0.98 lbs/mile

Based on a person driving alone in a vehicle getting 20 miles per gallon under commuting (city) conditions.

How we calculate calories expended

The number of calories you burn depends on a host of factors unique to each person and commute, so this is an approximation. But based on averages from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, here's how we calculate it:

Miles X 49 calories = total calories burned while cycling

The average person weighing 154 lbs bicycling at 12 mph will burn about 49 calories per mile (extrapolated from an approximate rate of 590 cal/hr). Calories burned per hour will be higher for persons weighing more than 154 lbs and lower for persons who weigh less.

Again, this does not take into account hills or the energy efficiency of the bicycle, or the diffence in calories burned walking versus biking. This also does not account for calories burned while not cycling due to increased overall health or metabolic rate.




Is my email address available to my teammates?

Your email address is not available or visible to any other participants other than your Team Captain until you respond to a message from them. Participants may send one another individual messages, and Captains may message their entire team at once, but your email address is never visible to teammates sending you messages through the site, unless you respond.

Is my Username visible to others?

Your User Name will be visible to Captains to enable them to delete duplicate registrations (which would have the same names and email addresses, but unique User Names). All other participants will see only your name. We do not recommend using as your User Name something that functions as a password in other areas of your life.


Because there is no secure personal information or financial information involved in the challenge, data sent to and from the website is not encrypted.

How will Bike Walk Montana use my email address?

We will use your email address to keep you informed about the  Challenge and other commuting and advocacy efforts. We will not sell your email address.

Why is Bike Walk Montana asking for my zip code?

Zip codes may be used along with workplace addresses to map participation throughout Montana. Zip codes will also allow us to track local challenge participation.




Contacting your captain

To contact your team captain, click on their name in the list of My Team Riders area under your personal trip calendar.

Changing captains

If you no longer want to be captain of your team, please find a replacement captain, make sure that person is registered on your team, and then choose their name in the drop down "Captain" menu on your "Manage My Team" page.

Emailing your team

Captains have the ability to email their teams (other participants can only send messages to one teammate at a time). To email your team, use the button in the Team Admin area of your personal page that says "Send a message to your team."

Be careful not to email your team too much. Most people will not want to receive messages from you more than once a week. When in doubt, you can create an "opt-in" list by emailing your team once and asking that anyone who is interested in receiving email updates from you reply and say so.


Adding and deleting riders

To delete a rider, hit the "Manage My Team" button.  You can then view a list of team members and delete as needed.  If you need to delete a profile for one rider who has multiple profiles, you can view their last log-in date in order to judge which is the out-of-date profile.

To add a rider, "Invite a friend" and enter the person's email address. Tell them to join your team at registration.

Editing your company profile

Captains can change the name, address and category of their company team and can adjust the number of employees at their company using the "Manage your team" button in Team Admin area of the personal page.

Exporting team data

Captains can export team data using a link available on their Manage page, through the "Manage your team" button in the light-blue Team Admin area of the personal page.




Web browsers is designed to work on all modern browsers: Internet Explorer v.6 and v.7; Firefox; Safari v.2 and v.3; and Camino; both Mac and PC. If you're getting strange results, and you have javascript turned on (see below), you may want to upgrade the version of your browser.

Remember, workplaces have different company-wide privacy settings and policies. If you are having trouble accessing the site contact your IT department. 

Is javascript required?

Javascript is required. The site will probably work without it, but your experience will be dramatically improved if you turn it on.




If these resources don't help you, contact us.