How does it work?


How it works

  • Participation in the Montana Commuter Challenge is Free. Complete the entire registration form to sign up. To participate for free, choose "Ride My Way" and type in $0. Donations to help us keep running this site are most appreciated!
  • Before creating a new team, first verify if your workplace is already registered. Search for your workplace by checking for all possible name combinations. For example: MT vs. Montana. If you do not find your workplace is participating, create a workplace team and register yourself at the same time. By default, you will become the team captain (this may be changed at any time). 
  • Before registering a team, please continue reading to learn the difference between a team and an organization 
  • Encourage coworkers to register and join your workplace team.
  • Challenge other friends and businesses to form a team. The more teams, the better the challenge!
  • Log all trips that you ride a bike, walk, or use public transit instead of driving a car during the month of June. 
  • When registering a team, also remember to register the organization, if it has not been yet. Organization is your business or agency name. 
  • If your organization has offices in different towns, please indicate the town in the team name, i.e., CTA Missoula, MT FWP Helena, etc.
  • Team, Workplace, and individual standings can be viewed throughout the month and filtered by clicking on the heading.
  • If you logged miles last year, you do not need to re-register; just sign in with your previous log-in information.  If you are with a new team, you can change your team on your profile page. 

What is a Team Captain?

The first person to sign up for a business or organization automatically becomes the Team Captain. Team Captains sign up teams and get the challenge started. All the captain has to do is register. Team Captains must register their team in an organization. 

If you need to change team captains, please contact us and we will help you with that.

They can also include teammate emails and we will send out emails with information to get the team rolling.  Captains can add and deleet team members, change passwords, email the entire team, and more.


How we do the math

We will measure the number of trips and your percent commute rate.

This is how we calculate percentage trips by bicycle, walk, and transit for each workplace:

  • During a month, participants indicate how many days they worked and how many of those days they biked, walked or took transit. We assume that all the non-participating employees at the workplace work the same average number of days in May.
  • We multiply the total number of employees at that workplace by the assumed average number of workdays per employee in that month to get the total number of commutes at that workplace that month.  We then divide the number of bike commutes logged through the commute challenge by that workplace by the total commutes at that workplace to get the percent of commutes taken by active transportation.

Total employees at the workplace = E

Average number of days participants at that workplace worked = D

Total active commutes logged by participants at that workplace: B

Percent of ocmmutes taken via biking, walking, or transit = P%

P% = 100 x B/(D x E)


What counts as a "commute"?

Every commute counts, including walking, bicycling, or riding public transit to and/or from work, the grocery store, or any other trip that replaces driving your car.  Recreational activities and training events do not count, such as just going for a walk, run, or bike ride for fun or fitness.

How to count mileage: Count all commute-related miles in which you walk, bicycle, or take public transportation.  Miles in a car do not count.

When you register you will choose a default mode of transportation.  When logging your commutes, you can change your mode for each day but it only allows one mode per day.  If you take two modes, just choose which on you'd like to recrd it as.  All modes are calculated the same way.

Do I have to pay to participate?

You can participate in the challenge for free.  When you choose your participation level, simply select "Ride my way" and enter $0.  Any donations made go directly to helping make this a successful challenge.


What Counts as a Work Day?

Any day that you work and make some kind of work commute should be counted as a workday on your calendar, even if you're commuting somewhere other than your usual work location.  Sick days, vacation days, or days that you telecommute can be counted as non-work days on your calendar.


What is a team vs an organization?


You must either sign up under a team or as an individual in order to participate in a local challenge.  If a workplace has more than one location in MT, the team captain will specify the town when registering.  For example, the MT FWP office in Helena will be MT FWP Helena team.  Anyone in the Helena office(s) will be part o fthe MT FWP Helena team.  Anyone who is working in the MT FWP office(s) in Kalispell will be the MT FWP Kalispell team. (note: all FWP offices in Helena should be one team, even if you are in different office locations in town, and the same with other organizations and towns).


The statewide challenge is tracked through 'organizations,' which is inclusive of all workplaces. When a captain registers their team (i.e., MT FWP Helena), they will select their organization (MT FWP) from the drop-down list.  If the organization is not yet listed, then the team captain (the first person to sign up from that organization) will set up the organization.  If you organization is located in just one city or town, just use your business name for your organization.




Challenge Categories

Workplaces are divided into the following size categories based on the number of employees for the entire agency, business, or organization (all offices and locations combined).

1 employee

2-4 employees

5-24 employees

25-99 employees

100-499 employees

500+ employees




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